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Openness – The Key to Monetizing Mobile

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(Or Why I think 3P-Based Infrastructure and Value-Add Channels are Sexy) Over the past decade, rapid advancements in mobile technology and mobility in general, have changed how we live and how we do business.  It has changed us from an “on-demand” world to an “always connected” world.  No doubt, mobile is here to stay and […]

Privacy: Does it Scale

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  Well it sure has been a busy day on the Privacy front. However as I watch all of this, I can’t help but ponder if people really understand the magnitude of the problem the Web faces. Lets talk about “Scaling”. On a thermometer today would have Privacy scaling above boiling point. Something is going […]

Simplifying BYOD Support for Mobile Web Access

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Every business is different and for most, their mobile strategies are still being formed. The BYOD phenomenon is forcing IT and Compliance organizations to move quickly.  They must backfill the gaps associated with both cross-platform and personal vs. business mobile Web performance, privacy and personalization needs.   Typically, the first step to mobile enterprise support […]

Why is Privacy such a hard problem to solve?

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  Back in October I wrote a blog post titled “Privacy on the Internet is NOT “binary” Since then i’ve been giving Privacy a lot more thought. And so it seems has the IETF (The Internet Engineering Task Force) From the IETF draft document published, November 14, 2011… (link) [snip] The goal ( of this […]