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We Made the Internet Faster
Apache Web Server – Mod_Gzip Open Source: 700M+ Installations


We Made the Internet More Secure
Secure 64 DNS
750M Subscribers
30% of Top Communications Providers


We Made the Internet Private
Do Not Track – DNT=1
Billions of Installations
Featured in All Current Browsers



Internet Individualization 2018

We Made the Internet Human-Centric with Choice®

We invented (4 US. Patents used under license) a web standard, simple, consistent, comprehensive privacy and individualization framework, combined with an autonomously programmable user interface. This supports
the dynamic provisioning of mobile web services from any vendor ecosystem, that can be
continuously tailored to each individual’s needs, values or preferences.

White Paper:  Innovating the Standard

White Paper:  The Story of Choice®

3PHealth Executive Summary 2020

3PHealth August 2018 ePress Release:
Unlocking the Value in Healthcare Data starts with a New Mobile User Interface

Choice® Overview: (PowerPoint/PDF – Current March 21, 2020)
Addressing Healthcare’s Strategic Business Challenge

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