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We are Proven Innovators

Focused on Solving Market-Defined, Global Problems
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We Made the Internet Faster
Apache Web Server – Mod_Gzip Open Source: 600M+ Installations


We Made the Internet More Secure
Secure 64 DNS
500M Subscribers


We Made the Internet Private
Do Not Track – DNT=1
Featured in all current browsers



Internet Individualization 2018

We Made the Internet Human-Centric

We invented (4 U.S. Patents under license) a web standard, simple, consistent, comprehensive privacy and
individualization framework, combined with an autonomously programmable user interface (via HTML), that
can adapt to each individual’s needs or preferences

White Paper:  Innovating the Standard

White Paper:  Choice Overview

3PHealth Executive Summary August 2018

3PHealth August 2018 ePress Release:
Unlocking the Value in Healthcare Data starts with a New Mobile User Interface

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