About Us

The 3PHealth® Vision

Our vision is to make care delivery accessible and affordable for everyone.  We believe it’s time to “repackage” care delivery  through strategies that improve both health outcomes and the bottom line.  Once we do, delivering profitable, quality, affordable care is not only possible, but can also align all the stakeholders in the care delivery ecosystem.


Our Expertise

Our founding team has been at the forefront of proven Internet and Mobile innovation:



500+ Million Installations
We made the Internet faster


500+ Million Daily Connections
We made the Internet more secure


1.5+ Billion Installations
We made the Internet more private


And now, we are focusing our efforts on unifying and individualizing digital care delivery:


Personalization 2016

The Internet of Me
We are making the Internet more personal

Contextual Data Communications Platform – U.S. Patents: 7,873,710 – 8,156,206 – 8,725,851 – 8,959,190

Our Approach

Achieving success in today’s changing healthcare environment requires new, strategic thinking. The kind of thinking that breaks down the digital and physical silos that hurt the health of patients, providers and payers. It is time that we all change our behavior and consider new approaches to achieve sustainable health and economic outcomes.

3PHealth enables health organizations to leverage the internet and mobile to cost-effectively deliver digital care.  We’re talking the kind of personalized, convenient care that changes behavior, lives and bottoms lines. Our technology unifies patients, providers and payers via a meaningful, individualized experience.  That means we make the digital interface more human.

We do it through a simple app.  One app that can be individualized for any user and give them access to everything they need – while respecting their privacy preferences.  That means you can engage users like a person, and not just a patient. The Choice® design uses Web standards to leverage today’s technology and easily connects with tomorrow’s innovations.  This approach lets you mask the complexity of care delivery and accelerate adoption.  By removing engagement and deployment barriers, we can drive better health system utilization, healthier lifestyle choices, and reduce costs.

Peter Cranstone, Privacy Ambassador