Choice® for Patients, Providers and Payers

Supporting everyone’s requirements for better health, easier access and lower costs

Choice® is software that enables your digital care delivery strategy.  It increases user relevance and engagement by enabling you to

unify access and individualize navigation to any digital health service or content, so your digital strategy does more with less.

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Individualize the Experience
Make it accessible, affordable and
convenient, while ensuring privacy.
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Support Clinical Efficiencies
Reduce time, improve outcomes,
engage patients and measure results.
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Strengthen Fiscal Efficiencies
Improve health system navigation.
Distribute care costs more equitably.
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Connected health sensor manufacturers and digital health companies interested in OEM licenses, please contact us.

A Healthy Bottom Line Begins with Choice®

Give patients and providers individualized access to any digital health service via a single interface – on any device

Individualize Care

Deliver care plans based on real-time patient need


Simplify Integration

Easily add or remove digital health solutions

Improve Margins

Reduce care delivery costs, add profitable services


Minimize Disruption

Manage change on your terms and your schedule



A Digital Care Strategy that
Supports Healthy Outcomes

Whether delivering individualized
care plans, promoting wellness, or
building a digital health ecosystem,
Choice® lets you unlock the health and
financial benefits of digital healthcare delivery.


Personalized Patient Engagement in Action

Choice® helps you balance care objectives with financial performance


Calvin-ChronicCare Sarah-Wellness
Powered By Patient Engagement Systems

Chronic Condition Management

Connected health and self-reported data help patients & providers monitor progress towards health goals and treatment compliance – reducing ER visits and hospital stays.

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Wellness & Prevention Programs

Keep patients and your bottom line healthy. Reinforce healthy habits and recommend personalized services that drive engagement and profitable revenue.

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