Why Aren’t Patients Engaging?

The consumerization of healthcare has given people more control, responsibility and choices, but introduces the challenge of how to empathetically and cost effectively engage each patient on a daily basis in support of better outcomes.

An effective and sustainable digital patient-physician relationship must be designed around each individual patient’s needs, values and preferences – all within the complete context of the patient’s ever-changing life story.

Our Innovation – Simplify Customer Choice® in Support of Personalized Health

Enabling You to Present a Prescriptive Daily Care Path for Each Customer

Choice® enables a new movement in personalized health where each of us has a personalized, evidence-based, longitudinal care map on our phone. We can now access a health ecosystem that brings together exactly the services we need using purpose driven analytics to provide preventative care, via autonomous, programmatic intuitive navigation. This navigation presents choices that allow me to choose my best daily care path based on my current condition, and preferences – in a single app.


A Single Health Interface for Each Individual Face


Closed Networks
Fixed Navigation
Limited Choices

phone animation


My Collaborative Ecosystem
Intuitive Personalized Navigation
My Meaningful Choices

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Overcome existing technology constraints to deliver a unified customer ecosystem experience. Simplify customer choice with an individually focused, preventative, prescriptive daily care path AND lower costs. Our business model is simple – we license our product, so you have control over how you realize value and deliver greater value for your customers.

Your Strategy, Your Tactics, Your Outcomes, Your Profits.

Meeting the Entire Health Community’s Business Requirements

Competition for new members, patients and employees is fierce.  Insurers, physician groups, and self-insured employers are looking for innovation that keeps people healthy and improves the bottom line


  1. Attract customers through a new and unique product that integrates into their daily lives and creates new market opportunities
  2. Actively engage each customer through the entire care continuum (i.e. all of their bio-psychosocial needs) to improve outcomes and lower costs
  3. Collaborate in real-time with health system and community members to build a system of choices that reflects each individual’s needs, values and preferences to direct care
  4. Retain customers through a unique set of resources and greater value than available through traditional health system networks
  5. Construct customer-focused products and services with a network of health and other ecosystem service providers that support new monetization opportunities for continued growth
  6. Provide a unified customer ecosystem experience – to intuitively navigate and present each customer with the choice they need to engage daily.


Monetizing the Holistic Patient Story

We enable the leaders of tomorrow’s health and wellness ecosystems to empathetically engage with each individual on their terms. Choice® lets you intuitively connect them to the people, content and services that are important to them and to your organization. Connections that support improved health outcomes, meaningful collaboration and new business opportunities.

Navigating the Health System for Success

When you simplify navigation of the digital health and wellness ecosystem and include the most relevant products and services for each person you can deliver the lowest cost of care that is appropriate for the individual’s needs at any given moment in time.  For profit-driven entities, monetize new product, service delivery and data insights with ecosystem partners that reach beyond a closed network – realizing the enormous value of a single, holistic patient story


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