Watch Choice

Want to learn more?  The following videos provide concrete examples of how Choice works and how the power of Choice® can open up new opportunities and better outcomes for your members, your patients, your employees, your partners and your business.


A Human-Centric Approach to Digital Healthcare


Consumerization and digital technologies are transforming healthcare.  You can’t stop the change, but you can shape it to your strategic advantage.  Unify and personalizing access to digital health services supports improved outcomes and sustainable margins.


Healthcare Navigation Just Got Easier – with Choice®


In 6 minutes, you’ll learn how to transform digital healthcare delivery with minimal risk. Offer patients and consumers an individualized care delivery interface that simplifies health system navigation AND improves health outcomes. Connect multiple care continuums and build profitable, data-driven health ecosystems based upon consumer consent.


Exploring Choice® 

The following 3 videos highlight the different ways in which Choice® can help you engage each individual within the context of their changing health needs and support communities.  For a personalized demo, please contact us.



An introduction to Choice® enabled care delivery. Unified and individualized health system navigation and a the ability to build a broad care delivery ecosystem of data, services and people that support healthy behavioral change and a lower cost of care delivery.

Integrate and Deliver

See how Choice® uses Web standards to support contextual data delivery and individualized menus delivery, simplifying IT’s ability to unify and individualized care delivery in support of better health outcomes, lower costs, and net new revenue streams.

Individualized Navigation

Looking at how Choice® individualizes navigation to content, services and people, based upon each individual person’s current health needs and health and unique wellness community.  This video looks at 4 patients and 2 doctors to give you a sense of the limitless opportunities for personalized engagement and community building.


The Future of Digital Health Engagement


What could the future of digital healthcare engagement and delivery look like for you?  Take a look at this short video that shows Choice® enabling individualized, chronic condition management.  You’ll see that it supports a multi-platform environment, and you might be surprised to learn that it was built with just 30 hours of programming time and 6 integration steps.  Choice® sends the data to the server that is needed to format pages for each device and required no special mobile programming experience.