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Transform Engagement Choice®Simplify. Unify. Individualize.
  • Lucretia Kidney Disease Patient
  • James Pre-Diabetic Student
  • Dr. Robinson Primary Care Physician
  • Sarah Active Mother
  • Lyndon Hypertensive Single Dad
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Enabling a Simplified Precision Care Delivery
Presentation Solution in a Single App

 Present a Preventative Daily Care Path for Each Customer with Choice®

Use your purpose driven analytics to provide preventative care and close the loop in creating an individual focused, prescriptive daily care path. The user interface autonomously adapts simplifying complex system navigation,
presenting each individual the choice to direct their daily care path based on their current condition
or preferences in support of better outcomes and lower costs.

A Unified Customer Experience and Ecosystem for Global Business

What Makes Choice® a Strategic Business Imperative?

Choice® enables Two Critical Growth Drivers: Trust and Contextually Relevant Digital Experience

Based on a Contextual Data Communications Platform
U.S. Patents under license 7,873,710; 8,156,206; 8,725,851; 8,959,190

Choice® Enables You to Execute and Realize the Value of Human Centric Healthcare

Sustainably engaging each customer on their own terms (reflecting their real-time needs, values and preference) leads to greater financial value at a lower cost of engagement and new revenue opportunities.

A Trusted Relationship is Everything™

Private by Design.  Private by Default.

On the Web, Privacy is Rare
Even rarer is access to a respect-based platform that enables new business and engagement strategies, all while optimizing the customer experience

In the digital world, we are all separated by keyboards and screens. That makes it easy to think of patients as users, and not people. But they are people. People who want to have their choices respected, just as they are at the doctor’s office.  It’s hard to build trust and sustain engagement without human interactions. When you offer individualized and respect-based digital engagement models, supported by consumer-driven privacy choices, you can build that trust.  The kind of trust that translates to sustainable engagement, better outcomes, and a stronger bottom line.

Our business model is simple – we license our platform code to you so that you remain in complete control of your members’ and patients’ data.  You can reinforce the trust you build by assuring them that you are responsible for their privacy and not a third party.

Choice® Creates Global Strategic Business Value

Overcome Existing Technology Constraints to Deliver a Unified Customer Ecosystem Experience.
Simplify Customer Choice® with an Individually Focused, Prescriptive, Preventative Daily Care Path and Lower Costs

Our Business Model – We license our product code to you, so that you have the following:

Technology Platform Control

  1. Your Data
  2. Your Timeline
  3. Your Services Mix
  4. Your IoT Ecosystem
  5. Your Business Processes
  6. Your Measurement Criteria

Ecosystem Monetization

  1. Data Insights
  2. Services Revenue
  3. Licensing Revenue
  4. Rapid Market Scalability
  5. Ecosystem Measurement Data
  6. Cross-Market Community Building

Compliance Management

  1. Interoperability
  2. No Data Blocking
  3. Secure Data Transfer
  4. Real-Time Pop Health Data
  5. Simplified Consumer Access to all Personal Information


Deliver Greater Value for Your Customers
Your Strategy. Your Tactics. Your Outcomes. Your Profits.


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