Simplifying BYOD Support for Mobile Web Access


Every business is different and for most, their mobile strategies are still being formed. The BYOD phenomenon is forcing IT and Compliance organizations to move quickly.  They must backfill the gaps associated with both cross-platform and personal vs. business mobile Web performance, privacy and personalization needs.


Typically, the first step to mobile enterprise support is Mobile Web Access – regardless of whether or not the content has been optimized for mobile users (that browser Zoom feature comes in really handy).  Based on Aberdeen Group research in 1H11, the only 100% adopted mobile technology across the enterprises that they interviewed in 2011 is the Mobile Web.  Source:  Riding the Tiger of Mobility and BYOD for Better Enterprise Security webinar, January 26, 2012.


The Choice™ Browser is designed to let each business determine the best way to manage privacy, performance and personalization.  If you are formulating or evolving your mobile strategy or are just trying to play BYOD catchup, I encourage you to subscribe to the 3PMobile® YouTube channel to learn how enterprise browsing can help your business manage its 3Ps in today’s BYOD environment.   If access and policy management is your first priority, keep watching for some great ideas on how to extend your rules engine to support mobile Web users.

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