BYOD – Bring Your Own Demographics


For the very first time, today I visited an ad-supported blog and noticed that with 100% accuracy, I was served ads for things I was looking at over the past few weeks – business and personal – all mixed together.  Cool, right?  Relevant right?  Well not exactly. Too late boys & girls – I’ve moved on.  Looking for different things now (bought/renewed all I was going to).

Being me, I decided to click on the DAA’s Ad Choice icon and then through to Google’s ad profile/privacy manager page to check things out.  I will say that having the icon does make it easier to find, review and edit your Google profile.  For that much I am grateful – thank you Google and the DAA.

But wait.  Much to my surprise I found out I am 35 – 44 year old male!  Really?  Guess I’ll need a few things – maybe some ballroom jeans?  I’d order up some “online goodies” if I knew what they were (even Wikipedia, doesn’t know).  What do you think – a bearskin or zebra shag rug for my bachelor pad?  They don’t assign a marital status, but what are the odds that I’m married if I’m looking for a job, totally into money, playing with electronics and hanging out online with my 1500 closet friends?

My Google Ad Profile as of Today:

Google Ad ProfileBottom line, Google’s ad network does not know me.

My categories are accurate, but their profiling assumptions need some work.  Am I interested in computers & electronics or do I work in the IT industry?  As a marketer, I think that matters – it goes to intent to buy – or not.  I’m not looking for a job, I use job listings as triangulation points to see what industries are equipping mobile workers with tablets and smartphones (it’s becoming a recruitment perk and helps mitigate the other BYOD issues).  Somehow they missed all my travel research – now those ads I might actually respond to.


Because online consumer privacy management is so binary (track/do not track) and most businesses are not yet using our Choice browser,  I guess I’ll just hit Johnny’s Cigar Bar, hang with the boys plan a 45th birthday golf trip to Hawaii while I wait for my online, transgender surgery to be reversed.   Later…

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