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Why the proposed Do Not Track standard is going to fail – it’s all about Trust

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  As the saying goes “A civilized society cannot function without trust”, ergo it’s also appropriate to extend that premise to the Internet – “A civilized Internet based society cannot function without trust”. So how do we define trust? There’s a great definition to be found on the Web – link – in short: “Trust is […]

Choice – The Lynchpin to Online Privacy

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  Choice – such a simple word, and yet so misunderstood when it comes to privacy. All I really want is a say in how people use my private data. I want to participate in the process vs. getting frozen out. In the last few days Microsoft shipped the pre-release version of Windows 8. In […]

BYOD Privacy Policies – What’s Yours?

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  With all the chatter about DNT and consumer privacy, it’s time to return to the enterprise and their challenges supporting BYOD.  When the company approves the use of personal mobile devices, or, in some cases, requires it, policies must be put in place to protect everyone.  The issues of who owns what data and […]

The Privacy Oxymoron – How do I increase My Privacy AND still get a great online experience

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    Everyday now there is more and more discussion on Privacy. On the one hand you have the Privacy advocates who want nothing more than complete control over every aspect of their Privacy, and then on the other hand you have the Govt. and online content providers who want even more detailed information on […]

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