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Choice – The Key to Knowing Your Patients through Digital Engagement

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Earlier this year, I had the privilege of hearing Kyra Bobinet, MD speak at the HIMSS Media Patient Engagement Summit in Orlando.  She is back on the speaking circuit, as noted in this recent mHealth News article discussing the transition providers must make relative to better engaging patients through understanding their motivations – not just sifting through […]

Innovation, The Internet, Standards And the Arrow of Time – Part II

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                 In Part I I introduced the notion of the ‘causal arrow of time‘ and how innovation moves forward in time with what has come before, always enhancing existing technology and the infrastructure that has come to depend on it, in the least disruptive way. In each case there is always the same outcome, a […]

Why the proposed Do Not Track standard is going to fail – it’s all about Trust

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  As the saying goes “A civilized society cannot function without trust”, ergo it’s also appropriate to extend that premise to the Internet – “A civilized Internet based society cannot function without trust”. So how do we define trust? There’s a great definition to be found on the Web – link – in short: “Trust is […]