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Can your Mobile Browser do this?

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Hard to believe that it’s a browser that is doing this. All of those menus are nothing more than good old fashioned HTML. You can change them in real time to suit the user, the location, the days special. Basically it’s always personalized for ME in real time.

Innovation, The Internet, Standards And the Arrow of Time – Part II

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                 In Part I I introduced the notion of the ‘causal arrow of time‘ and how innovation moves forward in time with what has come before, always enhancing existing technology and the infrastructure that has come to depend on it, in the least disruptive way. In each case there is always the same outcome, a […]

Do Not Track

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Consumer Reports Says Do Not Track, But Tracks Anyway Here’s the punch line… So, while the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari do allow users to enable DNT, standards for whether or how online trackers should acknowledge those browser signals have yet to be agreed upon by government, advertisers, privacy advocates […]

Re-Envisioning In-Browser Privacy

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I’ve been planning on writing about an alternative approach to In-Browser Privacy. Obviously we’re very much in favor of a better solution than the current Do Not Track standard that’s being offered, and to that end we set out over 6 years ago now to build a fully standards based solution that seamlessly integrates into […]

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