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Digital Healthcare Delivery Reimagined – with Minimal Risk.

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  One of the things that has really struck me lately with some very large prospects is there reluctance to change. While everybody is content to talk about change, when it comes down to executing on it there’s nothing but ‘crickets’. So as usual I asked myself why five times. Which resulted in the attached […]

What the Populism Movement Can Teach Healthcare About Listening, Change and Choice

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All over the globe, citizens are opting for big changes.  People feel disenfranchised.  They feel they have lost their voice, and identity, and that their elected officials have done nothing to protect their rights, culture, jobs or quality of life.   In England, it was Brexit.  In the U.S., it was the election of Donald Trump, […]

The Path to Better Health – It’s Paved with Choices

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The Path to Better Health – It’s Paved with Choices What has true coercive power in any economic system? Who can affect real change? True customers. Those people or organizations who can walk away from a deal, who have alternatives, who have information, or who have multiple providers competing for their business on price, quality […]

3PHealth Off to a Good Start – CIO Review Top 20 and CO NextUp Accolades

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Our new focus on healthcare IT has proven both exciting and rewarding.  We have met some amazing people over the past year who have provided invaluable feedback, support and validation to our efforts.  We joined the PrIME Health Collaborative here in Colorado and are actively involved in the organization’s Inclusivity initiative.  We took 2nd place in the […]

Innovation doldrums

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Is it just me or has the tech industry hit the doldrums? Are we now in a mature market for PC’s, Smartphones and Tablets? If this article is correct ‘Apple to report dismal results’ then it would appear so. On top of this Microsoft just wrote off almost a billion dollars of ‘Surface’ inventory – […]

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