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Digital Healthcare Delivery Reimagined – with Minimal Risk.

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  One of the things that has really struck me lately with some very large prospects is there reluctance to change. While everybody is content to talk about change, when it comes down to executing on it there’s nothing but ‘crickets’. So as usual I asked myself why five times. Which resulted in the attached […]

Insanity vs. Results in Healthcare Delivery

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As we embark on this new era of virtual care delivery, it is important to examine how we got here and why we are all working so diligently to transform healthcare into something better and more affordable than it is today.  And what better to honor that commitment to progress, then to remember the sage […]

To Control Costs You Must Control Claims

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In today’s ColoradoBiz digital magazine, Andrew Neary wrote this thoughtful article on self-insured businesses.  He discusses what companies can do to ensure that their goals for lower insurance costs and healthier, more productive employees are actually achieved. My blog title is a quote from his post.  It gets to the heart of what many of us can do, right […]

50 Shades of Engagement

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I recently met a gentlemen who is offering an amazing new travel service that focuses on supporting good health habits when we travel for business or leisure.  His service really struck a cord with me and is one I hope to try out on my next trip.  Reading his most recent blog on corporate wellness, it really got […]

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