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Digital Health Innovation to Sustain Care Plan Adherence

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The Healthcare Intelligence Network released the findings of it’s recent HINtelligence Report and it included some pretty staggering statistics: Using care plans increased medication adherence and self-management in patients and boosted clinical quality ratings for 70 percent of healthcare organizations engaged in the tools A majority of respondents—83 percent—incorporate care plans into value-based healthcare delivery processes, […]

Effective Communication Can Save Healthcare

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This past week the Clinton Foundation held its Health Matters Activation Summit.  Key to the discussion was the importance of communication and community. Mobihealth News also reported on the Summit talking about the communications theme and the need for simple solutions to improve communications (versus digital health technology for technology’s sake) and it’s importance to improving health outcomes. […]

Epistrophic Care and the End of Office Visits

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This year’s Patient Engagement Summit covered much more thoughtful issues than last year’s initial event. Kudos to the organizers, HIMSS and Healthcare IT News.   This particular quote from Daniel Sands, MD, an instructor at the Harvard School of Medicine and co-founder and co-chair of the Society for Participatory Medicine, really caught my eye:   “Healthcare is […]

The Digitization of Healthcare

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As we’ve been speaking with various healthcare organizations, the one consistent message we keep hearing is that healthcare’s required changes can be overwhelming. Frequently it requires rethinking care delivery, patient engagement, training, marketing, and IT strategies. But take heart – you are not the first to walk this challenging, but exciting path. This McKinsey interview […]

Choice – The Key to Knowing Your Patients through Digital Engagement

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Earlier this year, I had the privilege of hearing Kyra Bobinet, MD speak at the HIMSS Media Patient Engagement Summit in Orlando.  She is back on the speaking circuit, as noted in this recent mHealth News article discussing the transition providers must make relative to better engaging patients through understanding their motivations – not just sifting through […]

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