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What the Populism Movement Can Teach Healthcare About Listening, Change and Choice

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All over the globe, citizens are opting for big changes.  People feel disenfranchised.  They feel they have lost their voice, and identity, and that their elected officials have done nothing to protect their rights, culture, jobs or quality of life.   In England, it was Brexit.  In the U.S., it was the election of Donald Trump, […]

Insanity vs. Results in Healthcare Delivery

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As we embark on this new era of virtual care delivery, it is important to examine how we got here and why we are all working so diligently to transform healthcare into something better and more affordable than it is today.  And what better to honor that commitment to progress, then to remember the sage […]

Pulling the Plug on Old-School Care Delivery Strategies – Lessons from Marketing

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Many years ago, when Mac computers were little smiling boxes, I accidentally pressed the “yes” button when asked if I wanted to reformat my hard drive.  A nanosecond later, my error sunk in, and I dove across my office to pull the plug before years worth of  my company’s data was erased from this earth.  Later, […]

To Control Costs You Must Control Claims

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In today’s ColoradoBiz digital magazine, Andrew Neary wrote this thoughtful article on self-insured businesses.  He discusses what companies can do to ensure that their goals for lower insurance costs and healthier, more productive employees are actually achieved. My blog title is a quote from his post.  It gets to the heart of what many of us can do, right […]

IT as a Strategic Partner in Clinical Outcomes

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Over the past 18 months, there have been numerous articles by the big consulting firms touting the importance of IT partnering with business units to play a more strategic role in the organization.  With technology becoming integral to everyday business processes and to creating a differentiating user experience, common sense tells us this is true. But what about healthcare? […]

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