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Insanity vs. Results in Healthcare Delivery

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As we embark on this new era of virtual care delivery, it is important to examine how we got here and why we are all working so diligently to transform healthcare into something better and more affordable than it is today.  And what better to honor that commitment to progress, then to remember the sage […]

Pulling the Plug on Old-School Care Delivery Strategies – Lessons from Marketing

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Many years ago, when Mac computers were little smiling boxes, I accidentally pressed the “yes” button when asked if I wanted to reformat my hard drive.  A nanosecond later, my error sunk in, and I dove across my office to pull the plug before years worth of  my company’s data was erased from this earth.  Later, […]

Is it Time to Update Your Care Delivery Strategy?

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The costs of care delivery continue rise, even in the face of new technologies designed to enable telemedicine, or virtual care delivery.  Some of this is due to the cumbersome nature of certain tools and poorly conceived incentives, but the fear of change relative to both clinical processes and reimbursement impact, keeps many provider groups from […]

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