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Pulling the Plug on Old-School Care Delivery Strategies – Lessons from Marketing

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Many years ago, when Mac computers were little smiling boxes, I accidentally pressed the “yes” button when asked if I wanted to reformat my hard drive.  A nanosecond later, my error sunk in, and I dove across my office to pull the plug before years worth of  my company’s data was erased from this earth.  Later, […]

To Control Costs You Must Control Claims

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In today’s ColoradoBiz digital magazine, Andrew Neary wrote this thoughtful article on self-insured businesses.  He discusses what companies can do to ensure that their goals for lower insurance costs and healthier, more productive employees are actually achieved. My blog title is a quote from his post.  It gets to the heart of what many of us can do, right […]

I Am More Than My Health – Engage ME

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When considering digital health innovation, it’s time to think beyond technology.  Successful digital health strategies consider the context of their users.  Most of us don’t consider ourselves patients.  With the exception of those unfortunate few with serious, life-altering conditions, being a “patient” is a transient state that we move in and out of over the […]

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