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When considering digital health innovation, it’s time to think beyond technology.  Successful digital health strategies consider the context of their users.  Most of us don’t consider ourselves patients.  With the exception of those unfortunate few with serious, life-altering conditions, being a “patient” is a transient state that we move in and out of over the course of lives.  First and foremost, we consider ourselves people – parents, teachers, artists, athletes, friends, masons, and architects.

So why do we expect “patient-centric” apps to engage people in their health when we are not addressing them as people. Motivations are a tricky thing and what works for one person may not work for another.  There are no easy answers or one-size-fits-all solutions to consistent patient engagement, but why not start with putting the person ahead of the patient and respecting our shared human behavior.


One Size Does Not Fit AllThere are no one-size fits all solutions to engaging people in their health


Engage people as people.  Think beyond the health condition and the app.  Look at how your solution can actually integrate into your customers’ lives and not just integrate with an electronic health record.  To truly engage patients and change behavior, think beyond traditional boundaries.

The early Greek Olympians and philosophers had it right with their triad of “healthy in mind, body and spirit”.  We tend to take better care of our physical selves when are happy, intellectually engaged and have access to the people and things we love – physical, spiritual or digital.  This kind of balance gives us the strength and energy we need to stick with a medication, rehab protocol or diet and to start building lifelong healthy habits.

When thinking patient engagement, think beyond connectivity to meaningful connections.

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