Aging and Entrepreneurship – Learning from our Elders


I’m taking a quick detour from my normal digital health topics, as last night I attended an event that left me inspired.  I was privileged to witness an 84 year old, woman entrepreneur present her business and ask for advice on channel and digital marketing strategies.  This woman, after injuring herself by tripping over scattered pillows and comforters in the middle of the night (you know, the shams and duvets we all pull off our beds before going to sleep), decided to solve the problem.

What was so inspiring, is that she took her idea and her retirement savings, went out and designed and patented a product, bought the tools to build the product, and is now diligently working to take her business to a larger, more sustainable level.  Look out Joy Mangano!

She is talking to her customers and learning how her product is being used in the real world (apparently it offers much more than convenience and safety, and has proved helpful for those with diabetic foot neuropathy, by keeping the direct weight of sheets and blankets off of the feet while sleeping), and she was open and actively asking advice from us “digital age” youngsters, on how to improve her business.  Shear determination.  No fear.  Open mind.  Inspired.                                                                           Unknown

You can see her solution here:  Slide and Hide Cover Keeper.  I’m buying some for my guest bed, and a few more as holiday gifts.  Last night’s team of marketing experts was quite excited about the benefit it could bring to senior living and assisted living communities, as well as nursing homes – for both residents and housekeeping staff.  Very cool.

In my activities with the Prime Health community here in Colorado, I am fortunate to see the diversity of those involved in starting new digital health business.  And while this business is not a digital health offering, it exemplifies the inclusive nature we are building here in Colorado and as part of Prime Health – because you never know where the next innovation is going to come from.   A good reminder, to never judge a book by it’s cover.  Young or old, we can, and are having a positive impact on health and happiness.

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