Treating the Root Cause


The healthcare industry is suffering from a chronic disease.  Like our immune systems responding to illness, stress and poor lifestyle choices, healthcare is responding to countless attacks from changing consumer behavior, regulation, technological innovations and costly vendor lock-ins.

We have progressed beyond a simple infection to a full-blown autoimmune response. All our good intentions are actually destroying our healthcare delivery system – margins, care quality and customer satisfaction – which triggers the cascade of failing industry health.

TreeIt is imperative that we address the root cause.  We can no longer simply lower prices, or incrementally improve productivity, or jump on the coolest technology bandwagon.   We need to think about healthcare delivery and health system infrastructure differently.  We need to thoughtfully and deliberately embrace meaningful innovation – both technical and human, as Aurora Health has demonstrated in this insightful case study:

Aurora Health – Blue Ocean Interview

We can rebuild our industry in a way that is better and stronger – developing care delivery models that are inclusive and unique;  that are agile and controlled;  engaging and simple.  Our strategies must withstand regulatory change, consider human nature and embrace continuing technological advancement.  It’s time to address root cause health improvements and simplify the transition to better care delivery habits.



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