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Inclusivity Leads to Innovation

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While this post does not directly speak to digital care issues, it is relevant to the topic of innovation.  I am actively involved with Prime Health community here in Colorado.  As a co-chair of the Inclusivity working group, we are always searching for information and resources to help our members maximize creativity, innovation and productivity through inclusive business practices. […]

Is it Time to Update Your Care Delivery Strategy?

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The costs of care delivery continue rise, even in the face of new technologies designed to enable telemedicine, or virtual care delivery.  Some of this is due to the cumbersome nature of certain tools and poorly conceived incentives, but the fear of change relative to both clinical processes and reimbursement impact, keeps many provider groups from […]

How Will You Invest in the Future?

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This blog is from a great local physician decision support company, Medaware Systems.  I was struck by the impact a single investment decision by a health organization can have on so many people. It highlights the power of innovative thinking and what health systems can do to impact their communities (and themselves) in a positive and […]

The Need for Simplexity within Healthcare IT

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Peter Cranstone writes for CIO Review: “..In the last 30 years or so we’ve seen three major technical revolutions and interestingly enough they all have the same thing in common. First I would choose the PC and Windows GUI, secondly I propose the Internet and the Browser, and finally I would call out the Smartphone and […]

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