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I Am More Than My Health – Engage ME

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When considering digital health innovation, it’s time to think beyond technology.  Successful digital health strategies consider the context of their users.  Most of us don’t consider ourselves patients.  With the exception of those unfortunate few with serious, life-altering conditions, being a “patient” is a transient state that we move in and out of over the […]

Treating the Root Cause

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The healthcare industry is suffering from a chronic disease.  Like our immune systems responding to illness, stress and poor lifestyle choices, healthcare is responding to countless attacks from changing consumer behavior, regulation, technological innovations and costly vendor lock-ins. We have progressed beyond a simple infection to a full-blown autoimmune response. All our good intentions are actually destroying […]

50 Shades of Engagement

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I recently met a gentlemen who is offering an amazing new travel service that focuses on supporting good health habits when we travel for business or leisure.  His service really struck a cord with me and is one I hope to try out on my next trip.  Reading his most recent blog on corporate wellness, it really got […]

Health IT Must Adapt to its Users

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Change is hard – but we often make it harder than it has to be.  The healthcare industry is in the middle of tremendous change:  regulatory change, biotech advances, technology refresh, and changing customer expectations about convenience and access.  And through all this change, new competitors to traditional care delivery models are springing up every day – […]

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