The Need for Simplexity within Healthcare IT


Peter Cranstone writes for CIO Review:

“..In the last 30 years or so we’ve seen three major technical revolutions and interestingly enough they all have the same thing in common. First I would choose the PC and Windows GUI, secondly I propose the Internet and the Browser, and finally I would call out the Smartphone and mobile operating system.”

“The commonality between all three of them can be boiled down to one thing – the User Interface. In each case the inventors took something very complex and made it simple – a concept known as Simplexity. I can operate windows with a mouse, surf the web with my browser by clicking on a link, and navigate my smartphone with my finger. So why has the smartphone and all the new health apps and devices not solved the healthcare’s business problems? Well in my opinion it’s mind numbingly complex – there are thousands and thousands of apps to choose from, all with a slightly different interface….”

“…In the case of healthcare, we need to dig a little deeper and return to the core business problem – technology (the electronic health record and point solution apps) is driving the current strategy.  If we let business strategy drive IT architecture – we’d see that we must enable healthier consumer behavior to offset our current costs, and we need to differentiate our services to sustain user adoption.”

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