Digital Health Innovation to Sustain Care Plan Adherence


The Healthcare Intelligence Network released the findings of it’s recent HINtelligence Report and it included some pretty staggering statistics:

  • Using care plans increased medication adherence and self-management in patients and boosted clinical quality ratings for 70 percent of healthcare organizations engaged in the tools

  • A majority of respondents—83 percent—incorporate care plans into value-based healthcare delivery processes, according to HIN’s December 2015 survey, with more than half of remaining organizations planning to do so in the coming year

The primary tool used by survey respondents (nearly 2/3) was the electronic health record, with paper records sited by almost of half of those surveyed.

Now this got me thinking…  Is this sustainable?  What about outside of value-based delivery models and what would the numbers be if the patients actually had a personalized engagement and communications interface into their care plan?  What if real-time analytics, reminders or alerts could be incorporated?  How about remote monitoring devices or the ability to share care plans with a personal care circle?  The health outcomes and cost savings could be astronomical!

Prime Health

One such group working hard to make these kinds of advances a day-to-day reality is Prime Health CO – a Colorado-based non-profit dedicated to digital health innovation and efficacy within the country’s largest health systems.  Kudos to Prime Health and it’s member companies who are doing the good work to transform healthcare delivery and make this world a healthier place to live.

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