Re-Envisioning In-Browser Privacy



I’ve been planning on writing about an alternative approach to In-Browser Privacy. Obviously we’re very much in favor of a better solution than the current Do Not Track standard that’s being offered, and to that end we set out over 6 years ago now to build a fully standards based solution that seamlessly integrates into all current Web infrastructures – we call it Choice®.

So with the idea in mind I set out to do some research to see if anyone else thought that it would be a good idea. And the answer is ‘Yes’. I’m linking to a Microsoft Research Report titled ‘Re-Envisioning In-Browser Privacy’which I think is probably the best paper i’ve seen on the Web that not only showcases a solution, but also clearly shows how powerful a solution would be to drive new value and experiences for the ad industry and consumer alike.

I do disagree with two of their ideas: 1) Build a new browser & 2) Build a new protocol to layer in on top of HTTP – but that’s all.

We designed Choice® to integrate with all existing browsers AND use the current HTTP protocol. This allows seamless integration across all infrastructures. With the exception of those two items we’re in alignment on everything. The value proposition is simply huge – a true win – win for all concerned.

If you’re interested in privacy and want to be ‘part of the solution’ then I urge you to read this. If you want to see it in action then download a copy of Choice® today and see how far we’ve taken the idea.

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