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Privacy & The Internet of Me

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I recently attended an industry event where analysts from Gartner and Forrester discussed some of the key industry trends.  They identified two major technology categories: Wearable Devices – anything from Google Glass to FitBit to RFID tagged clothing Data Analytics – in particular, those applications and services that present data in a fashion that can […]

Identity, Privacy, the Government & Trust

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I read a wonderful post today written by Ben Horowitz – The Little Country that Cloud.  The post describes Estonia’s groundbreaking work to use technology in way that builds trust and communications between a government and its populace.   As noted in the post, everything has not been perfect, but it does provide hope – […]

Openness – The Key to Monetizing Mobile

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(Or Why I think 3P-Based Infrastructure and Value-Add Channels are Sexy) Over the past decade, rapid advancements in mobile technology and mobility in general, have changed how we live and how we do business.  It has changed us from an “on-demand” world to an “always connected” world.  No doubt, mobile is here to stay and […]

Definition or Death for DNT?

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“One in three Brits is likely to stop using IE10 because of Do Not Track.    Oh My!  That’s terrible!  But is it really accurate???? I’m a marketer.  I understand how statistics can be modified to support your specific business case.  I also get the value of a great “title” or sound bite.  This one […]

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