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Do Not Track

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Consumer Reports Says Do Not Track, But Tracks Anyway Here’s the punch line… So, while the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari do allow users to enable DNT, standards for whether or how online trackers should acknowledge those browser signals have yet to be agreed upon by government, advertisers, privacy advocates […]

FaceBook going to New York through China to “Help Improve the Mobile Web” – but the Problem has already been solved

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  I’m going to switch from Privacy to the Mobile Web for this post. Helping Improve the Mobile Web – Facebook Developers: “When you build for the mobile web today, it’s hard to know which browsers and devices will support your app. Which is why we’re proud to be joining over 30 device manufacturers, carriers, […]

Privacy: Does it Scale

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  Well it sure has been a busy day on the Privacy front. However as I watch all of this, I can’t help but ponder if people really understand the magnitude of the problem the Web faces. Lets talk about “Scaling”. On a thermometer today would have Privacy scaling above boiling point. Something is going […]

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