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Why Personalization algorithms won’t work

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  Because they don’t know “Me”. There’s this great TED video up on Yahoo… What Facebook and Google (and a few others) are hiding from the world.   So what’s going on here? Well what the Content providers are doing is “monitoring and measuring” You…   And then they start building a profile on You… […]

Choice-Browsing the Internet of the Future

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  In my last two blog posts I talked about why Mobile apps don’t matter anymore (Part I & Part II). I finished the blogs with a quote, “In the future – the ONLY Mobile app you’ll need will be the Browser”. My personal opinion is that with now close to 3/4’s of a million […]

Why Mobile apps don’t matter anymore

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We all remember that famous quote “if you need a stylus for your tablet you’ve failed”. Well “if you need 500,000 apps for your phone you’ve failed”. Seriously think about it. People cannot deal with 100 apps let alone 500,000. 99% of the apps are merely features not apps. For example how many features are […]

Timing the Mobile Web Experience

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Alois Reitbauer has a great post up at the Performance Calendar …. where he talks about how complex it is to measure the users experience from the browser. One quote is very interesting… “Creating a waterfall chart like the one below by just using information available in the browser simply is impossible.” (see the link […]

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