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In my last two blog posts I talked about why Mobile apps don’t matter anymore (Part I & Part II). I finished the blogs with a quote, “In the future – the ONLY Mobile app you’ll need will be the Browser”. My personal opinion is that with now close to 3/4’s of a million apps between the top two Mobile operating systems how can someone hope to come up with something new and, (key part here) sustainable?

6 years ago almost to the day we set out to solve that problem. Our focus was simple – users should have a Choice when it came to sharing their private information on the web. They should also have a better, faster, more personal experience. Like most things – at the end, everything appears deceptively simple (as it should be).

A simple analogy would be like pulling your car up to the gas pump – you now have a choice – “Regular, Unleaded or Premium Unleaded”. There are no changes required to the infrastructure (well maybe a newer car), but for the most part virtually every engine can run on either of the three grades of gas. However if you pay a little more – then your engine runs a little better.

That’s the way it should be with the Internet – if you’re willing to share a little more data with those content providers you trust, then the experience should be faster, more personal, and more rewarding. We summarized those things as the Three P’s… Faster Performance, Better Privacy, More Personalization.

And now we’ve released Choice for Android (and soon for iPhone). A mobile app (or a mobile browser, you decide) that for the first time allows you to deliver a faster experience, one tailored to the capabilities of the device, the operating system, the carrier network and most importantly to “Me” the user.

And just to show you we haven’t lost touch with those native app we’ve introduced something new for the first time ever – we call them contextual menus. Browser menus that take into account your context and the web services context, and then adapt and change in real time. Giving you the user and the content provider millions of different uses for a single mobile app – the browser.

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