Why Mobile apps don’t matter anymore – Part II


In my previous post “Why Mobile apps don’t matter anymore” I talked about why the number of Mobile apps doesn’t mean anything anymore.

This blog adds one more item – Money

Go to a VC today with a Mobile app and see if they’ll fund it? It better be one incredible CROSS platform Mobile app before they’ll even consider it.


Because it’s all about the money. The distribution method (choke point) is the app store. A NO from Apple means that market is closed to you. Ok, now all you have left is Android and Windows Mobile. Still not bad – but is it enough that people will flock to your app and download it in the numbers that eventually makes money for the VC.

I wouldn’t bet on it.

And that’s really all it boils down to in the end. It’s not whether or not a customer feels safe about buying a phone, it’s nothing to do with the number of apps – that’s so 2011.

No in the future – 2012 and beyond, it’s going to be how you monetize that app. And there’s only one truly cross platform app out there today which fulfills that promise and that’s the browser. And that’s the place where the next round of innovation is going to take place.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog – “In the future – the ONLY Mobile app you’ll need will be the Browser”

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