FaceBook going to New York through China to “Help Improve the Mobile Web” – but the Problem has already been solved



I’m going to switch from Privacy to the Mobile Web for this post.

Helping Improve the Mobile Web – Facebook Developers: “When you build for the mobile web today, it’s hard to know which browsers and devices will support your app. Which is why we’re proud to be joining over 30 device manufacturers, carriers, and developers in an industry-wide effort to help accelerate the improvement and standardization of mobile browsers: the W3C Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group. For developers, this makes it easier to understand your app’s potential reach and to help prioritize which browser capabilities are important to you.”

In the industry this is colloquially known as the “DevCap” problem. As in, what are the capabilities of the connecting device. Currently there is no way to figure this out in real time. Can’t be done.


But what if it could?

Choice Browser

Welcome to Choice™ – the worlds first browser that can tell a Web server (and Facebook) in real time exactly what the device is capable of supporting, exactly what the browser is capable of doing, and just about anything else you want to know. It does all of this using all existing Web standards, works with all Mobile devices – and it can do all of this and preserve your right to Privacy.


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