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Why is Privacy such a hard problem to solve?

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  Back in October I wrote a blog post titled “Privacy on the Internet is NOT “binary” Since then i’ve been giving Privacy a lot more thought. And so it seems has the IETF (The Internet Engineering Task Force) From the IETF draft document published, November 14, 2011… (link) [snip] The goal ( of this […]

Why Mobile apps don’t matter anymore

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We all remember that famous quote “if you need a stylus for your tablet you’ve failed”. Well “if you need 500,000 apps for your phone you’ve failed”. Seriously think about it. People cannot deal with 100 apps let alone 500,000. 99% of the apps are merely features not apps. For example how many features are […]

Trends in Enterprise Mobility & The Cloud

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Here is a quick slide show from Channel Insider which highlights how technologies are changing the way we work.  Mobile and cloud technologies lead the charge in things to come – whether designed to reduce costs, attract new employees or solve specific business problems. Key stats from the presentation: 90% of surveyed enterprises will invest […]

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