Trends in Enterprise Mobility & The Cloud


Here is a quick slide show from Channel Insider which highlights how technologies are changing the way we work.  Mobile and cloud technologies lead the charge in things to come – whether designed to reduce costs, attract new employees or solve specific business problems. Key stats from the presentation:

  • 90% of surveyed enterprises will invest in productivty-boosting technologies
  • 88% will make avialable to employees “smart” personal devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • 46% of companies are already utlizing cloud-based services and that number is growing
  • 30% annual savings- what you can expect to save on occupancy expenses with a well-designed workforce mobility program

Enterprises who strategically update their current Web strategies and infrastructure will have a much easier time adapting to new device support, location-based service and policy management, and the privacy  and productivity issues associated with remote and mobile workforce support.  There is no silver bullet to addressing all the IT and management issues associated with these changes, but Planning and Preparation in support of performance, privacy and personalization issues is a very good way to start.

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