So you want increased Web Performance & Privacy – Then “Know Before You Go”



… To Send a Response


What does that mean?

Well in layman’s terms the Web is nothing more than 2 cans and a piece of string. One can (the device) sends a message (request) to the other can (the server). It then responds to the request. And that’s how the Internet works.

So what if the device sending a request to the server sent along a “little extra data”? What kind of data? How about a little more information about Who I am, What my Device is capable of doing and Where I am.

Well now the server would have more context before it needs to send a response. So instead of sending down extra data it would respond with exactly what I want, what works on my device and is relevant for my current location.

Now lets translate this into Performance gains…

Fewer boxes


So what about Privacy.

Well for that we have a secure database on the device. It encrypts all of your Who, What and Where data. And it allows you to control exactly what gets sent to who. Here’s what it looks like on Android and iPhone.




The database integrates into the browser. It’s job is to send “a little extra data” with the Request. The server takes this information into account BEFORE it:

….Sends a Response

The results is a Faster more Private Web Experience

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