3PMobile – The third “P” is for Personalization


The third post in the series (posts 1 & 2) talks about Personalization. This is perhaps the most powerful of the three “P’s.

So let’s get straight to it… what if the website that you load in your browser really recognized you? Would it be possible for something to change in real-time so that the “Experience” became more personal?

Let’s take a look at the standard Android Browser (image on the left)… and compare it to the 3PMobile enhanced browser (image on the right). Notice the difference?


Google is “branded” inside the browser (top right menu).

Think about this for a minute. Google is now literally 1 click away. And the second I click on that menu not only will I be taken to www.google.com but they will also know in real-time, my device’s capabilities, my exact geo-location and who I am. All before they even have to send a page back to me.

Everyone will be thinking – hold on a minute I don’t want Google knowing all that data. Now you can see why the second blog post was on Privacy. And that’s why you also see a Privacy Option menu so you can control who gets access to “YOUR” data. If you trust Google, then simply add them to your whitelist, check what you want to share, and let them provide you with a better Experience.

And therein lies the power of personalization. When a Web site knows “you” there’s so many more things that a Web service can do to enhance the customers experience. And the bandwidth and performance savings increase dramatically simply because the Web service knows before it has to make a response. Think of it as walking into your favorite restaurant with the meal you wanted already on the table.

So how do we add Personalization to the browser menu in real time?

With just a few lines of HTML – here’s the exact code for the menu in the picture above…

<META NAME=”5o9data” CONTENT=”
<menu name=toplevel target=primary>
<menuitem text=’Google Search’ action=http://www.google.com/>

And there you have it… the 3 P’s – Performance, Privacy, & Personalization. And combined they all deliver a better Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customers and employees.



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