End User Experience Monitoring Myths


Wow!  Couldn’t stop shaking my head in agreement while reading through Donna Parent’s recent blog about The Top 10 Myths About End User Experience Monitoring from Tuesday’s SandHill.com opinion section.  Right on the money.  And I’ll argue that when you extend her analysis beyond apps to the Web and beyond the desktop to mobile, getting on the end-user device becomes even more relevant.

I encourage you to read the entire post, but my favorite myths include:

Myth #1:  Network appliance monitoring is enough

Myth #2:  Synthetic monitoring can validate end user experience

Myth #8: Desktop agents cannot determine probable cause of application performance issues.

While mobile EUE monitoring and management is still new and mobile Web monitoring even newer (virtually no data is available), the variables that affect the mobile user experience are greater than those associated with desktop Quality of Service/Quality of Experience measurements.

Without looking at the real experience on real devices, over constantly changing mobile networks, you are not measuring, monitoring or managing the real user experience.  Not knowing can hurt.  Reach beyond the data center if you want to learn what is really going on with your mobile user experience.

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