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The Future of Social Media Marketing?

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The following article was written by Emily R. Coleman, President of Competitive Advantage Marketing, Inc. When I first read it I absolutely knew that Emily had hit the proverbial nail on the head, and with her permission we’re now adding it to our blog. A friend recently sent me Evan Bailyn’s Outsmarting Social Media with the instructions to […]

The Politics of DNT

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Came across this brief June 8th, 2012 piece from the Wall Street Journal, “Romney Ads go Mobile.”   The short version is that both the Romney & O’Bama campaigns are using data collected about online users (via an ad service) to target their messages to swing state voters. Makes perfect sense.  Technical and marketing kudos […]

The Future of Social Media Marketing? (Republished)

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  This is one that we really liked and wanted to pass along to you.  It was originally posted on May 21, 2012 by Emily R. Coleman.  Dr. Coleman talks from a user’s (and marketer’s) perspective as to her concerns about privacy how much data is being collected through Social Networks.  I hope you find it […]

Why Privacy cannot be a Web Service

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There’s a tendency when you have a hammer to think that everything looks like a nail. There’s plenty of “nails” out there to hammer with your web service, however Privacy isn’t one of them. Why not? In a nutshell – Because I want to be in control of the collection, flow and use of my […]