The Mobile Web – What Really Matters


Earlier today I listened to a great panel discussion followed by audience Q&A from the folks over at the Mobilism Conference.  Then I started reading an insightful blog posting about what to look for from a Web monitoring service (this one comes from one of our beta testers over at Sereti Consulting).   All this got me thinking about what is really important to to Web developers, performance engineers, product managers and marketers when they are optimizing their sites for mobile.

My conclusions:

Context/The Real User Experience: business people need to know what their customers and users see.  They can’t improve what they cannot measure.  Businesses need more context, particularly about device capabilities.  They no longer want to guess – they need to know.

Convenience: Developers want to test when they want to test.  They don’t want to wait for “the next available slot.”   And they want to use what they already know – Web standards.

Efficiency and Simplicity: Companies want to use the Web and not have to build apps for everything.  On mobile, there is a sense that we have taken a step backwards and lost much of the Web’s value in connectedness, robustness and simplicity.

Customization/Personalization: Each company and each individual likes to look at things in their own unique way.  Being able to evaluate mobile Web performance via custom views or measure against different criteria is important.  Adding this to a single testing and monitoring tool extends the value of the service to multiple enterprise audiences – including, IT, Marketing and Business Analytics/Strategic Development.

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