Mobile Performance–the tale of the tape


Running some tests this afternoon and thought that these results were interesting.

In case you’re in a hurry –’s results are nearly a second faster than a desktop browser on a 22mbps cable connection!


  • Test link – Steve Souders Cuzillion
  • Test browsers – latest version of Safari and Firefox
  • Performance apps – Web Inspector (Safari) & Firebug (latest version)
  • Connection – Comcast Cable 22mbps
    • – their network connection link

#1 – Safari on an iMac i7

13 GET requests (2 errors) 20.59kbs of data in 4.63 seconds


#2 – Firefox on an iMac i7

10 GET requests (no errors) 12.6kbs of data in 4.62 seconds


#3 – (link to actual test)

11 GET requests, 14.6kbs of data in 3.67 seconds


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