Mobile Performance–Wi-Fi vs. Cellular using a Sprint HTC smartphone


For today’s test it was a simple drag race… Go to Vodafone’s UK web site (link) from Colorado USA using my Sprint HTC. First test was with Wi-Fi turned on, second test was without.

Here’s how the results looked using our new Mobile Performance Web service. Check out the cool icons underneath the test URL… they’re Cell strength, Wi-Fi strength, GPS and the cache cleared before load.


Wi-Fi ON: 14 seconds to download 662k



Cell Tower Only (ASU was 99, 85dbm): 23 seconds to download 662k



Let’s put that into context… using Wi-Fi it’s 64% faster than using Cell.  What a difference a radio network makes over “copper”.

Check out our new service 3PMobile to learn even more about Mobile Web performance.

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