Think Bigger – A Systems Approach to Patient Engagement


Today’s healthcare environment is all about BIG change:  Big mergers and acquisitions, growing customer expectations, significant updates to payer reimbursements, big retail corner clinics and monster advancements in digital health.  It can be a challenge to focus your strategy and attention on the things that really matter towards making your organization financially stronger, more competitive and more responsive to customer’s health and community needs.

Most everyone agrees that patient engagement is key to future success, but the definitions of engagement vary wildly both within the industry and inside any given organization.  In this recent article from Healthcare informatics, Mark Hagland talks about the concept of “systems of engagement” that are built around healthcare consumers.

Patient engagement is more than just a portal, scheduling an appointment online, a bedside hospital chat, or any one piece of software or hardware. It’s all of this and more.  To be truly effective in improving both health and financial outcomes, engagement must be core to your business, clinical and IT strategies.  It must become an integrated delivery system of best practices that can be personalized by health plan, region, condition and individual.  It must be centered around delivering 21st century healthcare to consumers in a convenient, easy-to-use manner, while easily integrating into legacy systems and work flows.

When it comes to patient engagement – think bigger to make it easier to navigate today’s big healthcare challenges.

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