Privacy is about to get really expensive





Tomorrow is the big day. The day the EU-Cookie directive goes into effect. Already people are talking about how expensive it will be to maintain compliance. Well folks they haven’t seen anything yet. 

It’s not only expensive to be in compliance, you also have to think about the lost revenue that comes from being in compliance. I’ve been surfing around some EU sites and can already see the “banner-like” ads asking if you would like to Opt-In to having cookies on your device. I simply ignore them because there’s NO downside. Funnily enough my experience is IDENTICAL with and without the cookies.

Hmmm – think about that for a moment. An identical experience and I get to keep my privacy. I like it. But this is a #fail. What should be happening is that my experience gets better if I Opt-In.

So corporations are going to have spend money to be in compliance and loss money because they’re in compliance. Time to look for a solution that enables net new revenue from protecting my #privacy.

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