FTC issues new Privacy Framework – It all boils down to 3 things


Privacy Report



And what are those 3 things?

  1. Privacy By Design: Build in Privacy at every stage of product development
  2. Simplified Choice for Businesses and Consumers: Give consumers the ability to make decisions about their data at a relevant time and context, including through a Do Not Track mechanism, while reducing the burden on businesses of providing unnecessary choices
  3. Greater Transparency: Make information collection and use practices transparent


  • From the first line of code to the shipping product think about the Privacy of your customers/users
  • Give users a Choice – integrate context, and make it easier for businesses to provide the relevant content
  • Transparency – let the user/consumer really know how you’re using his data

There’s no going back now. The Privacy genie is out of the bottle so to speak. Next comes legislation to enforce these recommendations. What will be fascinating is to see how the EU reacts.



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