Privacy – A new definition for the Internet





I think it’s time for a new definition of Privacy. In the last few months i’ve lost count of the number of white papers & books I’ve read on the subject. And yet I found all of them lacking. They never seem to sum things up so that regular folks could understand it. So I thought I’d propose a new definition of Privacy.

Privacy is: My ability to control the collection, flow, and use of My personal information

Whew – that wasn’t so bad was it? As I’ve said on numerous occasions privacy is about “Me” and my information. Before the Internet the flow was much more easily controlled – however now that we all have smartphones and are connected 24*7 our data is much harder to control. So any definition of Privacy has to be supportable in both an online and offline world.

Privacy is simple, it’s about Me, My data and how it’s used. There’s no need to make it any more complex than that.


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