GoMo vs.. 3PMobile Performance Measurement Service – Head to Head Performance Test



Using GoMo (the new Mobile measurement tester from Google) I compared how long it took to download www.google.com vs. www.3pmobile.com

First the results for www.google.com – 0.241 seconds to load the Web page


Now the results for www.3pmobile.com – 1.294 seconds to load the Web page


Now for a reality check. What we need to determine is the size of the content. So using our own 3pmobile.com performance measurement service. Here’s where it gets interesting.


In short Google’s Web page is 282k vs. ours at 55k. And yet it required a second more to download 80% less content. Hmmm.


Posted in: #mobile, #webperf, Performance, Privacy, Quality of Experience

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