Choice® Mobile Patient Engagement Platform

Continuity of Care SimplifiedDigital Care Delivery
  • Lucretia Kidney Disease Patient
  • James Pre-Diabetic Student
  • Dr. Robinson Primary Care Physician
  • Sarah Active Mother
  • Lyndon Hypertensive Single Dad
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Your Strategy.  Your Choice.

Choice® simplifies your ability to individualize and unify digital care delivery.  It enables personalized, guided navigation that can change in real-time – for each and every user.  How?  We combine a database and browser into one adaptable app that offers the richness of mobile apps and the flexibility of the Internet.  It lets you use your existing infrastructure and partnerships in a way that supports greater patient engagement, better utilization decisions, and lower costs.  Choice® engagement data enables more accountability between patients, providers and payers and supports connections to IoT vendors.  So, as your digital care delivery and patient engagement strategies expand, Choice® helps you simplify the delivery of tomorrow’s profitable, digital health services.


Server Module

Security, privacy, data compression & transport             (optional)


Choice® Mobile App

User and connected health data, inter-app communications, security & privacy


Customizable Mobile Database

Data sharing permissions and payer & provider branding

Device Management

Remote diagnostics & remote control                          (optional)



Use auditing & reporting, meets FDA data handling requirements


Performance Testing

Real-world mobile site performance analysis, error reporting & optimization recommendations (optional)

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Everyone Benefits When They Have Choice®



With Choice®, you are always in control. The Web is our platform and we live within your existing Health IT infrastructure. You determine the data needed and services delivered. Your patients determine their health data sharing permissions and from which device they will interact with your organization.  And it’s all based on Web standard technology, simplifying your ability to add or change services, sensors and content.



Open Design Puts You in Control

Closed platforms increase IT costs and limit coverage or functionality.  They are designed to optimize profitability for the platform owner.  Choice® is Web-based and open – supporting your unique financial, patient engagement & personalized digital care delivery strategies.



Patient Generated Data


Smartphone as Hub


Portal Content & Services

Open Platform Design Flow Diagram
Connected health device or patient entered data
Upload PGD or enable remote device diagnostics
FDA Compliant
Transmits PGD to servers & displays personalized content
Encrypted communications over the Internet
HIPAA Compliant
Personalized menus/content delivered via HTML/CSS/JavaScript