The Unpredictability of Mobile Web Performance


I’ve been running some Mobile performance tests from different locations and was surprised by how much they differ.

Now obviously the tests below are not “exhaustive”, but it does illustrate how different locations affect Mobile Performance. 4 tests were done on the East coast, the remainder in Denver, CO. What’s amazing is the byte count of the Google home page. It’s almost double at the major airports. (The yellow triangle indicates that the page has JavaScript errors). Why should that be the case. What is different on their Web page served to the airport that is different everywhere else?

As we move to a Mobile Web it’s important to consider the location of the device as well as the size of the content you’re delivering. More and more web pages will query the location API found on these mobile devices. Combining that with page size control will be critical to ensure the optimal experience.


Posted in: #mobile, #webperf, Performance, Where: Location Information

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