Healthcare Delivery Reimagined

The future of healthcare delivery is not another app for that or walk-in clinic.  The future is a Walking Clinic™.  That means a world where patients and providers are partners.  Where doctor’s appointments happen in the palm of your hand.  It’s a future where people are guided along their daily path to health. And they receive services and content individualized just for them, right when they need it.  Imagine patients, providers and payers sharing accountability, and savings driven by better health communication, navigation and engagement.

Choice® makes the future of care delivery a reality – today.

What Makes Choice® Unique

ChoicePillChoice® lets healthcare providers unify and individualize care delivery through a single user interface.  A more human interface.  One that recognizes and responds to each patient as a unique person.  How?  We invented new functionality to the Web.  Our app combines a browser and database to turn it on.  Just like HTTPS added a secure layer to the Internet, Choice® adds a secure engagement layer.  Simply use existing Web programming techniques.

With Choice®, providers can prescribe individualized care plans to their patients. Payers can customize health system navigation for each member. And you can personalize based on the patient’s device, health plan, condition, location, usage history – any data that matters to you. Oh, and the same data that makes things personal, also supports user-controlled privacy.  Talk about efficient.

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Contextual Data Communications Platform


The more you individualize the experience, the more patients engage.


Mutual Accountability Leads to Business Sustainability

UHC QuoteGetting patients to engage and follow their care plans are key to reducing your costs. That’s why Choice® provides the kind of meaningful engagement data you need to incentivize behavioral change.  With that kind of change health improves, costs go down, and your margins go up. By using Choice® to enable your care delivery strategy you’re one step closer to achieving financial health – today and tomorrow.


Navigating Healthcare’s Changes

Keep It SimpleWe get that change is difficult, so Choice® is designed to simply and seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. It is inclusive and open.  That means we support the Internet of Things (IoT) and that leads to a vibrant, financial ecosystem.  We make it easy to add and remove services.  So when your needs change, no problem. It’s easy to add or remove a service with Choice®.  Check out our financial model. You’ll see how individualized, digital services can drive sustainable results for your organization.

Choice® lets you repackage healthcare delivery, without disrupting workflows and systems.

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The Future of Healthcare is Now

What could the future of digital healthcare delivery look like for you?  Take a look at this short video that shows Choice® enabling individualized patient engagement. You’ll see that it supports a multi-platform environment. And you might be surprise to learn that it was built and integrated with a healthcare decision support service with just around 30 hours of programming time. Because Choice® sends the data needed to format pages for each device, it required no specialized mobile programming and only took 6 integration steps to complete.

For those interested in delving deeper into how this enabling solution works, please reference this patent link.