The Strategic Impact of Choice®

The consumerization of healthcare and IoT are pushing the care delivery model beyond the doctor’s office, into people’s homes and pockets. They are increasingly dissatisfied with current care delivery models.  It’s negatively impacting your margins, your patients, and your partners – requiring a strategic shift towards digital care delivery.
Does your IT architecture support your new business requirements?


Changing Requirements Require a New Approach

To drive better health outcomes and reduce costs, Healthcare needs to…

“…drive patient adherence and engagement in their daily healthcare management using simple navigation that masks the complexity of the healthcare system and offers affordable, convenient access to needed resources.”
– Major Health System Strategist


Red Ocean Strategy

Compete in existing market space

Beat the competition. Exploit existing demand

Make the value-cost trade-off

Align the whole system of a firm’s activities with the strategic choice of differentiation OR low cost

Changing Requirements Require a New Approach

Blue Ocean Strategy

Create uncontested market space

Make the competition irrelevant

Create and capture new demand

Break the value-cost trade-off

Align the whole system of a firm’s activities in pursuit of differentiation AND low cost

Source: Blue Ocean Strategy, Kim & Mauborgne


Your Digital Health Strategy – Your Way

“It is far better to adapt the technology to the user than to force the user to adapt to the technology”
– Larry Marine

Deliver affordable, individualized health system navigation and digital care delivery access…


By Region

By Health Condition

By Health Plan

By Individual


Simplify Navigation and Build an Economically Viable Ecosystem for Each Stakeholder

Engage your patients and adapt, in real-time to each individual’s changing healthcare needs. Build out an entire digital healthcare delivery ecosystem, or make digital health services available one at a time.  Bundle or un-bundle services within health plans, and simplify health system navigation. With Choice®, it’s all up to you.

3PMobile Healtchcare diagram


“…using digital channels rather than direct physician interaction, or patient self-management solutions can produce net economic benefits of 7 to 11 percent of total healthcare spending. Over this past year, our work on the ground has confirmed this original analysis. However,  after reviewing the evidence, including successful cases of IT implementation in the most advanced healthcare systems, we believe an even greater impact can be achieved through coordinated joint effort. This would involve the interconnection of all digital-health stakeholders through an open innovation platform.”
– How healthcare systems can become digital-health leaders – January 2016, McKinsey & Company: Gerardo Aue, Stephan Biesdorf, and Nicolaus Henke


A Strategy Based on Choice®:

Reduce the Barriers to Change.  Fill Care Delivery Gaps.  Gain New Insights.


Improve Margins

Easily add or remove digital health services based on patient need or profitability – by plan, region or individual

Drive New Revenue

Easily connect members to pay-per-use digital health services and monetize the distribution of IoT devices.

Increase Convenience

Provide a single interface for patients to connect to their care team and any digital health services via their phone.

Improve Competitiveness

Increase what matters – convenience, responsiveness and affordability of care on basic precision medicine health services. *

*Christensen, Grossman & Hwang:  The Innovator’s Prescription

Reduce Care Delivery Costs

Individualized navigation, engagement and usage data keeps patients out of the ER and in-network.

Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

Leverage existing web services and content without the need to build and test dedicated mobile apps.

Reduce Recruitment Costs

Engagement builds loyalty and satisfaction, increasing annual plan renewals and new patient/member referrals.

Reduce Risk

Choice® lets you cost-effectively adapt your strategy for tomorrow’s care delivery innovations and evolving business models.