Google’s Page Speed vs. 3PMobile


For today’s test I thought I’d use Google’s new Page Speed service (which supports Mobile) and compare the results to our own 3PMobile Performance Measurement service. To make the test “even” I had Page Speed run a test on (CNN’s mobile site) I then ran the same test on our service using my AT&T phone. Here’s how it baked out.


Page Speed score 57 out of 100 (where’s the detail?)



3PMobile metrics. Items to note:

  • Cell strength icon, real time GPS and disk cache empty
  • Time for the actual test – it’s slow on AT&T
  • Device and carrier information



Now lets take a look at how the browser actually performed. Now it gets much more interesting. You can actually see the elements of the page that are causing the big slow down.

  • The home page and the style sheet account for a huge chunk of time (there’s actually a redirect taking place which is strange because the URL was already set to go to the mobile site
  • There’s a red button which spins the clock
  • And finally what looks like a cookie that takes forever to download (it shouldn’t)
  • Overall these 4 elements account for virtually the entire delay of 30 seconds to load the page


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