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Q: Why did you improve the HTTP protocol?

A: Business requirements called for improvements in three major areas:

  1. Privacy – the ability for the user to control the collection flow and use of their private data
  2. Web Performance – particularly important over mobile networks
  3. Personalization – of both navigation and content

And all of this must be done in a fashion that masks the complexity of navigating the healthcare system and services, particularly on a small screen.

The only way to solve this problem was to add a new layer to the Internet, as the current approach lacked this critical functionality.

Q: Do current browsers and or Web apps which use WebView, support this new web functionality?

A: No. Only Choice® can access the improvements to the HTTP protocol and support these new performance, privacy and personalization requirements inside a native mobile app.

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Q: Does this new Web functionality conflict with existing Web standards?

A: No. We designed the improvements to coexist with all existing and future Web standards. It supports HTTP, HTTPS and CGI – the foundation of the Internet. We  overcame the limitations of section 12.1 of RFC 2616.

Improving the Standard
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